Upper West Side and Central Park

Our third day in NYC we finally went north!

We started off trekking up towards the park. We ate a breakfast sandwich at The Blue Dog Café, which had no seating, so it was less than ideal. Food was good. Lots of businessmen coming in and buying stuff.

Since we couldn’t sit and I already had to pee, we decided to get coffee somewhere else, so we ended up at a Scandinavian espresso bar near Central Park, Fika. They had no bathroom, so I had to sneak into a random coffee shop down the road.

Then we went to the Central Park Zoo, which was a joy! Small, uncrowded, and happy alpacas for Kiddo to feed. How amazing! Except when she fell and hit her forehead on the pavement. But accidents happen.

Then we were off to lunch at No. 7 Sub at the Plaza food court. I didn’t know there was a food court there! It was a really tasty sub, even though it was so spicy after I ate the first half I was totally immobilized and trying to find something to soothe my firey tongue. The people watching was also amazing. Lots of Upper West Side ladies with lots of make up and Chanel suits. I thought they made that crap up on Gossip Girl, but I guess not. Kiddo slept during lunch and then woke up when we tried to switch her to my back in the Ergo.

We decided to go to the MOMA design store. It was fun, and Kiddo loved some of the toys. If we hadn’t been traveling extensively, we might have bought something, like this magnet doodle board. This whole traveling thing is great! We spend lots of moolah on food, but we are not tempted to buy any clothes or toys or anything that we don’t desperately need!

Next we started to head up towards the Museum of Natural History. On foot. About half way there we realized that, oh crap, it might close at the end of the working day, as opposed to all the retail shops that seem to always been open. We were right. We got there 30 minutes before closing, but we did a speed trip through and saw the Asian animals and the dinosaurs. For free, since all the ticketing staff had left their stations.

Then we went for dinner at Carmine´s, which is a family style Italian restaurant that is a bit of a tourist trap, but also an experience. Huge families, birthdays, decibel levels rivaling the Bush concert I went to when I was 14. Kiddo was NOT HAPPY so we ate, chatted briefly, and cabbed it home. Kiddo fell asleep sitting up in the cab. Wow. Phew. What a day!


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