Thanksgiving weekend with the fam

I haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in about 10 years, I think. The last time might have been when I was in high school. That is why it is extra special that I was able to be in Portland during the holiday this year.

My mom hasn’t been doing well (a compressed nerve), so I wanted to help all I could, although she made tons of stuff before we arrived. The jello and the rolls were my responsibility, as well as the kitchen clean up during the event. Everyone pitched in a lot.

My friends from Oslo, who actually live in Portland and had only been on a two year contract in Norway, came, as did my sister, her boyfriend, and my aunt, uncle, and cousin. It was lovely! The food was tasty, the conversation fun, and the red wine delicious.

Black Friday was a lazy day of leftovers and newspapers. It was definitely something to be thankful for.

Chicken waffle, breakfast corndogs and sticky pecan buns. Not a diet meal!

To round out the weekend, we played board games as a fam and ate brunch at Screen Door, the amazingly good but unhealthy Southern food restaurant on E. Burnside. The Kiddo was a dream, playing with her Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pad, which, by the way, is amazing because the stickers stick to glass too, and are rubber so you can clean then, then rub them a bit, and the stick again. Also they never tear (not yet anyway). Then we visited our friends and their Newfoundland puppy, Bjørn.

He is 10 weeks and already weighs more than Kiddo!

An intense weekend of family, but a good one.


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