Another promenade through Southern Manhattan

Today we planned to take it easy, but depending on your definition of “easy” we might not have lived up to it. It has been a lovely day in any case, though I am totally knackered…again!

We slept in until 7am today, which was a feat considering how early we crashed last night. Then we set off to find a hole in the wall diner a short walk from our hotel for some American breakfast. But it was a tiny place with only a counter and we knew that would be a disaster for Kiddo, so we went on. We found The Grey Dog and ate pancakes and bacon until we were revived and ready for the day. They had good coffee too, with free refills.  We are turning into proper coffee drinkers again!

After breakfast we decided to go find a playground for Kiddo to run around a little. We stumbled on the Dr. Gertrude B. Kelly Playground and Kiddo was in her element. She ran up to the Tic Tac Toe board, pointed to the X and said, “x,” which of course made me swell up with pride. Then we saw a squirrel and tried to feed it a dog bone we had picked up at The Grey Dog, but it wasn’t interested. Hubby and I were super cold so we decided to move on.

Next we stumbled into the Chelsea Market, where we wandered around and wished we were hungry, but we weren’t. There was a cute bookstore where Kiddo played for a bit, and we resisted buying stuff, and then we moved on to the High Line park, a park built on the historic rail line elevated above West Manhattan´s streets. It was nice to look out over the water to Hoboken and escape from the high rises for a little while. Plus Kiddo got to play with the world´s best free toy: gravel. Some Chinese tourists took pictures of her being cute. Everyone was happy.

Loving the carless walkway and the view from the High Line park

Then we started walking towards Chinatown. We found a few fun shops along the way, including Egg, with fancy kids clothes. It is much more fun to shop for Kiddo than for us. We lost one of Kiddo´s Latvian wool mittens and hoped to find a new pair but there were only super expensive ones and we have some extras with us (cotton though, boo!). I started to get really tired, but dim sum beckoned, and eventually we made it to the Shanghai Asia Manor, where they poured us tea and water before we could even get our backsides in the booth. Bliss! We had some amazing dim sum and then snap pea leaves with garlic. It was super amazing and gave us the strength to walk the 35 blocks home. (How do people use taxis in Manhattan? We can never hail one when we want one! Yes, yes, I know there is a subway but we thought in the time it would take to find a map and find the route home, we would be halfway home already.)

After relaxing for a while, I decided we couldn’t just skip dinner but we didn’t feel like going out, so we sent Hubby out for salads from Natureworks. Kiddo stayed awake until 9:30pm, and we weren’t so dead that we had to crash right away. Take that, jet lag!


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