Gramercy Tavern with a toddler

We have been waiting to eat at Gramercy Tavern since 2009. Last night we got our chance.

We knew we could go there without a reservation, which was a winning point for the day we arrived, since we didn’t know what shape we would be in. (The restaurant side is essentially reservations only, while the tavern side is available to walk ins only.) Since they open at 5:30pm, we hoped to arrive on the dot, snag a table, have Kiddo fall asleep in the Ergo, and have a nice meal.

It almost worked out like that.

We walked to the restaurant and got there around 5:40pm. Kiddo was overtired already, alternating on our walk there between wanting to walk, wanting to be carried, and wanting to nurse in about 2 minute intervals. She also wanted her pants to be fixed (she likes them a certain way) about every 30 seconds. So the walk was a bit slower than we anticipated (shocker!).

It was packed. We tried anyway, and just our luck, they had a table for us right away. We each had a starter – mushroom salad with grilled calamari and turnips for me and a swordfish confit salad with cranberry beans for Hubby – and a main – both of us had the crispy duck leg with lentils, collards, and spring onions. It was good food, packaged together with a lively atmosphere, great service, and prices that make us Norway residents giddy: “THIS dish for only 80 kroner, at a nice restaurant!?” We splurged on a bottle of NY pinot noir that was light and tasty. They had a 5 course tasting menu for $48 dollars that we were itching to try, but it was a good thing we didn’t because Kiddo didn’t have it in her to be out so long.

Added points that it was loud enough and not too fancy so Kiddo could watch Mickey Mouse on the iPad during the first course and I could stand and eat my crispy duck that Hubby cut up for me while rocking Kiddo to sleep in the Ergo.


Food: 4/5 stars (Tasty, but not the best food ever)

Atmosphere: 5/5 stars (Lively and hip while people not treating us with a cold shoulder for being there with a toddler. Also we got to witness a first date going on behind us at the bar – always fun with a little bit of voyeurism!)

Service: 5/5 stars (Friendly and helpful without being cloying)

Price: $$$ ($150 for two appetizers, two mains and a bottle of red wine – and tip)


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