A day out in Southern Manhattan

Yesterday was a busy day out on the town, only made possible by the fact that Kiddo is extremely flexible and patient. Sometimes I try to remember how amazing it is to have such a flexible kid, especially since this trip probably wouldn’t have been possible if she had a more challenging personality.

The three Latin American coffees we tasted at Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea. Hubby liked the San Luis the best, I prefer in general something darker than all three 🙂

We started the day away at around 6am (5:30 for me). At 7:45 I decided our small hotel room was too little for an active toddler, and besides I was hungry, so we packed a day bag and headed towards Café Grumpy in Chelsea, where we got their tasting platter of Latin American coffees. Whoa, how hip! Kiddo played with crayons and bottle caps and the bussing tray, and when she started getting antsy, we quickly left. We didn’t want to upset the hipster vibe, and the Sunday crowds were starting to pick up.

Next we walked to The Spotted Pig in Greenwich Village for brunch. We came early to wait in line, and oh my, what a line! It was hipster heaven over there, but worth the wait. Kiddo fell asleep in the Ergo just as we sat down so we had an uninterrupted brunch. Two deep fried poached eggs over chorizo stew for me and a burger and shoestring fries for Hubby.

Then it was off to Soho. Hubby wanted to look at Uniqlo down jackets since he didn’t bring anything for the Portland leg of our trip. We had a lovely walk over there, putzed around got slightly lost, got Kiddo a piece of white pizza and sat next to someone famous whose name we couldn’t remember, and failed to catch a cab so walked all the way back to Midtown.

Then we met up with an old friend from Geneva for a beer at ViV Regional Thai Cuisine in Murray Hill and had an amazing Chaing Mai Sausage as an appetizer. The friend had to run so we went to get some take out at Woorijip in Koreatown. We didn’t know what we would like so we got a selection, which was way too much, but it was really fun. Our favorites were the spicy kale, the bean sprouts, the glass noodles, the kimchi and the spicy chicken. We crashed about 15 minutes after we ate. It was an amazing end to a great day.

The gluttony of our indecisiveness….mmmmm!


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