Our journey has begun!

5.5 hours of sleep was NOT ENOUGH, apparently.

Last night we camped out at the Oslo Airport Hotel. Our flat is locked up, clean, and “hotel ready” – ready to be rented out with airbnb (first clients next week!). The poodle is at her vacation home (Hubby´s sister).

We have eaten our first meal on the road, a promising two slices of pizza for Hubby and me, and a half a plain hot dog for Kiddo. She sat nicely in the chair and then ran off, giggling manically. A good example of things to come, I am sure.

This morning we woke up extra early, ate a lovely breakfast, and caught our first flight. (We also almost lost Kiddo´s doll, but thankfully avoided that disaster for now.) Now we are in Copenhagen until we get on our flight to NYC. We were upgraded to business class (YES!), so Kiddo will really be traveling in style – and have some floor space on the plane. This is good since she has been asleep for 2 hours straight, now.

It is finally kicking in that we are really doing this! We won´t see Norway for half a year! We won´t hear much Norwegian again for awhile. We won´t see any snow, probably. We might not even dip below freezing until winter 2014!

I am really glad we decided to do this. It is really a once in a lifetime adventure, and it is finally underway!


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