It´s getting real

(This is from two days ago :))

Hubby and I sat down this morning for a planning chat, while Kiddo was sleeping (we prefer to call it “jetlag avoidance training” but really she just sleeps like a teenager even though she is only circa two years old). We wanted to make lists for each day and for what we overall need to accomplish in the next 4 days before we leave. It was kind of…stressful.

Then we set off for a day of house research, or, looking at bathrooms, tiles, sinks, toilets, and mirrors. With a  toddler who wants to run around, pushing sinks over, climbing on displays, putting her hands in tile cutting displays… It is not easy in the best of circumstances, but Hubby and I both woke up in the wrong side of bed, so it was even more interesting.

We had a productive day, but between the toddler antics, having to pee, hunger, thirst, annoyance, exhaustion, and style differences, it was not an easy day.

It is super exciting to be planning for a new house. But the reality of all the decisions, big, medium, and small, are starting to become apparent, at least to me. I am not super particular, so I have the unique position of caring what gets put in our home while not having a creative genius that cries out with amazing ideas for solutions that perfectly fit the unique requirements of our house.

It should be interesting to see how it all turns out!


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