Packing, part 1

Today I started to pack. We leave in 10 days. I am kind of thrilled to live out of a duffel for 5 months. I normally wear the same few tank tops and cardigans every day anyway, so now I will be able to do that, but without the clutter of all my other clothes getting in the way, reminding me how little I care about fashion and how wasteful it has been to accumulate so many items that I don’t use on a regular basis.

I look forward to seeing how much I like this – or not – and whether it effects my wardrobe when I return. For the record, we are remodeling our new house to include not very much closet space in the master bedroom, which I thought was actually a good way to force me to simplify.

Today I put away the vast majority of my winter clothes as well as some leftover maternity clothes and pre-breastfeeding bras. The plan is that they will be moved directly to the new house.  I packed one box of spring and summer clothes – mostly skirts and things that need to be ironed and therefore won´t be brought along on our travels – that I can wear when we return to Oslo before we move. It isn’t too much stuff.

I am going to cull my sweats collection as well, saving a few things for project clothes – for painting, gardening, and the like.

It feels really good to edit my wardrobe. I am honestly elated to live with less during our travels, and hope it is a good experience!


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