Nap dropping and long haul flights

Kiddo has started to drop her daily nap. She has never been a strict routine kind of kid, so sometimes she sleeps early, sometimes late, sometimes short, sometimes long, but lately, she has been sleeping…not at all during the day! If she doesn’t nap, she goes through an intense period of crankiness and sleepiness during the afternoon. This time of day is ripe for emotional breakdowns (for me AND her ;)). When she finally does fall asleep at night, she wakes up after 2-3 hours and is wide awake. Or sleepy but restless.

I know this is inevitable in the life of a small child, but I was looking forward to naps as a break for all of us while traveling. For example, during a 10 hour plane ride, she would sleep for at least 2 of those hours, perhaps more. With no daily naps, she could be awake for 10 straight hours on a plane. Dear heavens, how will we cope?!

With smiles and patience and an iDevice, I am sure 🙂


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