Starting our goodbyes

Yesterday was the last day of Kiddo´s music class. We have been going for a year now – so more than half of Kiddo´s life! I brought Hubby since he no longer has a job to go to. It was fun for him to see Kiddo in action. She sure loves music.

Even before we left I started the monologue about how it was the last time. I guess I would do this in my head even without a kid to explain it to, but the act of vocalizing it makes it that much more real, “Today we are going to go see Bente for the last time//Maybe Bente will let us play the drums today once more before we go//We don’t want to be late for our last class.” And then during the class, everything felt like, “Oh, this is probably the last time I will hear this song!” “This is the last time I will sit in this chair!” Very final. Not necessarily in a bad way, but like a chapter ending, and trying to enjoy the last words on a page.

I got an intense bittersweet feeling when the class was coming to a close. Bente, the teacher, came over to wish us well, give us some recommendations for music teachers in Stavanger, and to hug us and see us off. I know she has a lot of students, but surely she also must know that for me/us, her hour-long music class was a huge part of Kiddo´s babyhood. I will always remember it fondly. I hope it is just the beginning of Kiddo´s relationship with music.

Last night was goodbye to the ladies of my book club. I will see a lot of them again, so that felt less final. In the coming days though, there will be dozens more goodbyes and last times. Last time at the Turkish grocer. Last time at the Wednesday playgroup. Last time running in Frogner Park in the winter. I have to do my best to enjoy the ride and not spend all my time thinking about the sadness connected to leaving a place. Plus, much of this stuff we will get to do in the spring, when we return for some weeks to put our place on the market and do the dirty work of moving. This is, however, our last November in Oslo. Maybe that will help me get through the dreariness of it!


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