Getting ready

Gah! I am excited and nervous. Mostly excited. Oddly, I am not worried about Kiddo. She doesn’t eat much, but she still nurses, so I think she will get enough food. She doesn’t have any sleep requirements, no bedtime routine, just me and her nummies (nursing) – and we are coming along! She doesn’t need a lot of toys. Isn´t used to plastic monstrosities. She doesn’t have too obnoxious toddler habits like biting or hitting. The worst one is probably mild screaming, but I will take that above any sort of violence. And she loves the iPad or any electronic device so the (more than I can count on two hands) plane ride(s) should be fine!

Right now we are trying to get everything settled before departure. Seeing friends. Packing up some of our clothes so we can let out our apartment through airbnb. Organizing a cleaning service and on the ground person to coordinate that. Figuring out if we sell the car or store it somewhere until we get back. Packing. Finding and booking hotels for the first destinations. Reserving car rentals for some locations. Making a list of restaurants we want to try and things we want to go. Forwarding our mail. Eating everything out of our freezer. Giving our plants out to friends. The list goes on.

And on top of it all, we bought a house for when we come back from our trip. So…we are trying to work with someone on the remodeling that is going to happen while we are away. They start tearing the old stuff out…today! Crazy days!

Just a fitting start to this new adventure!


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