About us

There are three of us: Hubby, me, and kiddo. Hubby is Norwegian. I am American. Kiddo is both, and will be 22 months when we take off.

One day in July 2012, we were off for a run while Babbo (grandma) watched Kiddo. We were talking about our future, how life is short, summer is great, and Kiddo loves being outside… Before I knew what was happening, we had decided that Hubby would quit his job and that we would pack up and travel for the winter. Hubby would start working in the family business when he got back, so there wouldn’t be job stress involved. I am a SAHM so I go where Kiddo goes. Within a week, the resignation was sent and planning had begun!

This is our crazy year. Next November 1st, we will have visited at least six countries, possibly a few more, weathered over a dozen long haul flights with a 2 year old, and spent most of our savings (yikes!), but hopefully, had the best year of our life to date. Jump in with us!


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